Septic Tank Services in Charlottesville VA

Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc explains some of the signs that your septic tank needs service.


If you ever step outside and catch a whiff of a foul scent, it could be your septic tank rather than the neighbor’s dog. The reason for the smell is your wastewater, which is composed of drainage from your bathroom sink, kitchen, shower, toilet and dishwasher. All of that water combines and can create a nasty smell if there’s an issue with your tank.

Standing Water

Do you have standing water in your yard even though it hasn’t rained in a while? This is often a sign that your tank is full and has started to overflow. With a fully functioning septic tank, the wastewater remains underground. A malfunctioning tank tends to become backed up with solid waste, which causes the water level to rise and the tank to overflow out into your yard.

Sluggish Draining

Drains that aren’t clogged but still clear out slowly could be indications of septic tank problems. What’s likely happening is your tank has gotten full and can’t take on any more wastewater, hence the slow drainage.
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